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Richie Onori Wins Rock Over America Magazine “Album of the Year” for “Days of Innocence”

Richie Onori was awarded Rock Over America Magazine’s “Album of the Year” at the First Annual Rock Over America Awards Show in Las Vegas at the Vamp’d nightclub.

Richie Onori with Marvin Sperling - Richie Wins "Album of the Year" for "Days of Innocence" at the 1st Annual Rock Over America Awards Ceremony in Las Vegas

Richie Onori with Marvin Sperling – Richie Wins “Album of the Year” for “Days of Innocence” at the 1st Annual Rock Over America Awards Ceremony in Las Vegas

1st Annual ROA Music Awards
Author: Tanya Morrison
Published: November 21, 2012

The first annual Rock Over America Magazine Awards Ceremony was a night of well-deserved acknowledgement of both musicians and contributors to the music industry. Mark Lewis and Mike Povich presented each of the 20 awards at the rock club Vamp’d, here in Las Vegas, NV on Wednesday November 21, 2012. Each awardee was chosen carefully based on their talent and musical impact.

The award for Best Rock Album of 2012 went to Richie Onori for his album “Days of Innocence”.

Though this hour and a half ceremony seemed more like a get together with old friends, each award that was given did so to each artist, person and/or band with great care and devotion for what they do. It is with great pleasure that Rock Over America recognized all the hard work, dedication and enormous love for what they do and can do in the future these individuals put in on a daily basis. I was honored to witness this event and look forward to what next year’s ceremony will entail be it new bands emerging or old band revamping. Whichever the case, you can bet it will rock the house off Vamp’d for as long as they’ll have us!


Richie Onori Interview With Screamer Magazine – NAMM 2013

Diamond Dave Castagno interviews Richie at NAMM 2013. Onori talks about his Solo Album, Onori Guitar Straps and Albion Amps.

Richie Onori @ NAMM 2013 – All Access Magazine

Richie Onori with Albion Execs Steve Grindrod and Andrew Bishop

Richie Onori with Albion Execs Steve Grindrod and Andrew Bishop

From Doug Deutsch‘s All Access Magazine article –

Written by Doug Deutsch on February 7, 2013

NAMM 2013

Rocker Richie Onori (center) is also the American Distributor of Albion Amps. Richie is pictured here at NAMM with Albion Executives Steve Grindrod (left) and Andrew Bishop (right). Photo: Alicia Morgan.

Richie Onori with Kelly Z at NAMM 2013

It’s a new year and exciting things up ahead! Richie is starting 2013 off with a bang – check out this interview with Kelly Z (from Kelly’s Lot) and Casey Reagan of


Rock Over America CD Review – Days of Innocence

From Melissa Martinez at Rock Over

Artist: Richie Onori
Album: The Days of Innocence
Label: Onori Records
Reviewer: Melissa Martinez
Date: Aug 28, 2012

Richie Onori, probably best known as the drummer for The Sweet, has recently released a CD of solo work. While you may know Richie as a great drummer, on ‘The End of Innocence’ he does a lot more than keep a steady beat. He handles vocals, guitar, and harp at times, proving that he’s a multi-talented musician.

This album has a California Rock feel, with shades of the Blues, moments of Pop appeal, and a true feel of a simpler time. Lyrically it comes across as an emotional journey for Richie that he’s decided to share with listeners.

The title track reminded me of something that would have been on the airwaves in the late 60’s. With its easy and laid back vibe it certainly takes you to a simpler time. ‘Goodbye Cruel World’ has a Rockabilly feel to it with the tempo and composition, while the next track, ‘Runnin’ Down the Devil’s Road’ has the feel of an old Country tune.

‘Candle In My Heart’ is a lovely ballad, and shows more diversity in the song styles that Richie is capable of pulling off. Personally, ‘Space Boogie Woogie’ was my favorite track on the CD.  On it elements of the 70’s Rock sound meet with classic Boogie Woogie, and just make the song a lot of fun to listen to.

While on first listen it may seem a little simple, the thing to keep in mind is that when an artist gives you a CD that isn’t full of effects you get to appreciate the talent. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from screaming guitars and lyrics that are full of anger. Richie gives an album that is intelligent and well produced, allowing you to appreciate the obvious talent throughout.

The Examiner CD Review – Richie Onori’s ‘Days of Innocence’ CD Is Sweet

From William Phoenix of the LA Music Examiner:

Richie Onori still rocks! Onori, perhaps best known as the drummer for the iconic 1970s band The Sweet–“Ballroom Blitz” and “Fox On The Run”—he first hit the scene at the age of 16 as a member of ? and the Mysterians (famous for the classic 96 Tears). He was also in the group Satyr where he opened for such other acts as Aerosmith and Alice Cooper.

In fact, Onori has also appeared with other artists such as Dio, Keith Emerson, Richie Sambora and Slash to name a few. Onori, who is also a singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, was biding his sweet time waiting for the right time to release his new solo CD Days Of Innocence. The work is comprised of 13 cuts inspired in part by the California blues/rock scene prevalent in L.A. in the 1960s and 70s.

RIchie Onori
RIchie Onori
Photo credit:
Courtesy of Richie Onori and/or Original Owner

While a few of the tracks were collaborative efforts, Onori penned the bulk of the tunes himself. Onori, much like Genesis drummer Phil Collins, steps out of his comfort zone to produce music that is both expressive and sincere. Onori leads the way on an emotional audio adventure singing lead vocals, playing guitar, harmonica and of course the drums.

Onori’s publicity folks state he is “assisted by the talents of a roster of heavy hitters with whom he has played over the years”. Unfortunately, promo copies of the work do not include credits. Still, one can simply hear the professionalism and classic rock riffs embedded in the music.

The disc’s lead-in, the tuneful, titular “Days Of Innocence”, confirms this immediately as the co-composed cut comes off as being both refreshingly new and yet somehow simultaneously very familiar. The second selection is his first solo composition “It’s Raining In Hollywood”. Here Onori seems to consider the present and past of his hometown.

It is followed by the second collaboration on the CD, “Gypsy Rose” , and “Goodbye Cruel World” which includes a simple yet effective bass line, a rockabilly-blues tinge and a commercial pop hook. The next number is “Runnin’ Down The Devil’s Road” which has a country-western theme and an almost Cash-like vibe to it.

The 1960s-70s inspiration continues to pervade in pieces such as “Space Boogie Woogie”. It’s a fun tune in which Onori seems to enjoy himself. “Critic’s Choice”, however, goes to “Party Queen” which almost seems like an old Mott The Hoople hit or certainly something from that era. It takes some of the same elements of the previous piece one step further.

“Best Years Of Our Lives” follows. This, too, is a co-written cut. It nevertheless seems to easily fit into Onori’s personal musical vision to focus on what he prioritizes in life.

“I Don’t Want To Lose Me” is next. It has an interesting perspective on a relationship that might easily be overlooked on the album. “Mend My Broken Wings”, “All Go Home And Play” and the ballad “Candle In My Heart” while dissimilar are further examples of what Onori and friends are capable of when put into a recording studio.

Onori has compiled a collection of songs that paint a picture of his “multifaceted life” that he hopes will communicate something special to his audience. Complete with touches of David Bowie, Elvis Costello and maybe some Van Morrison, Onori is out to demonstrate that while “The Days Of Innocence” may very well be gone he is obviously not ready to surrender and cry out “Goodbye Cruel World”.

My name is Phoenix and . . . that’s the bottom line.

Richie Interview – Screamer Magazine

Screamer Magazine July 2012Richie OnoriHow sweet it is, indeed!

Merryl Lentz of Screamer Magazine (“Loudest Mag on the Planet”) interviewed Richie for the July issue of the Rock & Metal music magazine.

Richie Onori is an accomplished drummer whose diverse artistic endeavors could make a professional juggler look like an amateur.  He’s been playing with a who’s who of musicians, his own band Heaven & Earth, iconic glitter rockers The Sweet, pursuing solo projects, and is also a talented singer, songwriter, guitarist, and businessman.

“I’m proud that I’ve built these things up and I’m not just one-dimensional,” Onori says.  “I think the idea of being multidimensional and really climbing the mountain and trying to reach your goals will keep you going in life.”

Graduating from “hitting on pots and pans,” Los Angeles native Onori began playing drums at age 11, citing seeing The Beatles on Ed Sullivan as a huge motivator toward a musical career which has included work with such luminaries as Rick Derringer, Ronnie James Dio, Paul Rodgers, Uli Jon Roth, Slash, Steve Lukather, and one of his heroes, Keith Emerson.  “Keith Emerson was an amazing experience, because I was a huge Emerson, Lake & Palmer fan,” he describes.  “And he comes to my house, and loads some keyboards into my studio space.  The next thing you know, I’m looking at Keith Emerson, and we’re playing together.  So instead of looking at him as one of my idols, we’re relating together as fellow musicians working on a project together.  It’s really gratifying to work in your craft and get the opportunity to play with some really, really advanced players.”

You can read the whole article here.