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New Music From Richie Onori

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Richie Onori
Richie Onori’s Blues Messenger, fronted by rocker Richie Onori, champion human rights and individual freedoms on their new album,  “In The Name Of Freedom.”


“The system is rigged in such a way that “We The People” are pitted against each other to create controversy, chaos, and fear. Their intent is to distract the attention away from them. We can’t, as citizens, come together to defeat this attack if we don’t know who the real targets are. There are very few that know who the targets are – do you?”  Richie Onori

Richie Onori's new CD - In The Name Of Freedom

Richie Onori ‘s new CD – In The Name Of Freedom

(HOLLYWOOD, Calif.) – Richie Onori’s Blues Messenger, fronted by rock musician Richie Onori, champion human rights and individual freedoms with the release of “In The Name Of Freedom,” scheduled to drop early July. The album was produced by Dave Jenkins, known for his work with, among others, Tori Amos, Dionne Warwick, and Tower of Power.

The band (Phil Woodward, guitar; Marvin Sperling, bass; Richie Onori, guitars/vocals) is fronted by Onori, renowned for his high-energy drumming in both Sweet as well as Heaven And Earth, both of whom he continues to be active in.
“Power To The People” is a call-to-action anthem:

United we stand, divided we fall.
                           Together we win, you will answer the call,
                           Here is the simple truth, I dare you to see,
                           We better come together, if you want to stay free.

Other tracks on In The Name Of Freedom:  “American Fighters,” “Hey You (You’d Better Think Again),” “Buffalo Nations,” “Blues Messenger,” “Long Live Rock,” “The Answer,” “Come Together We’re The U.S.A.,” and the title track.
“Maybe you think it’s far-fetched that there could be a global plot to control our world citizens here and abroad in every which way that could be conceivable. Well, think again,” asserts Onori. “Right now the global elite along with their corporate partners and cooperative governments have an insidious plan for all of us and at this moment is being rolled out. With advances in technology it is just a matter of time that they will have it all sewn up worldwide.”

2012 Rock Album of the Year - Richie Onori's "Days of Innocence"

2012 Rock Album of the Year – Richie Onori’s “Days of Innocence”

“We the people do have the power right now,” continues Onori, whose previous album, The Days Of Innocence, was selected 2012’s “Rock Album of the Year” by Rock Over America magazine. “The time is now to organize and unify before it’s too late. As citizens let’s focus on what is ethically right instead of being separated and distracted by this petty political circus in front of us and which is being purported by the bought-and-sold media.”


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