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Rock Over America CD Review – Days of Innocence

From Melissa Martinez at Rock Over

Artist: Richie Onori
Album: The Days of Innocence
Label: Onori Records
Reviewer: Melissa Martinez
Date: Aug 28, 2012

Richie Onori, probably best known as the drummer for The Sweet, has recently released a CD of solo work. While you may know Richie as a great drummer, on ‘The End of Innocence’ he does a lot more than keep a steady beat. He handles vocals, guitar, and harp at times, proving that he’s a multi-talented musician.

This album has a California Rock feel, with shades of the Blues, moments of Pop appeal, and a true feel of a simpler time. Lyrically it comes across as an emotional journey for Richie that he’s decided to share with listeners.

The title track reminded me of something that would have been on the airwaves in the late 60’s. With its easy and laid back vibe it certainly takes you to a simpler time. ‘Goodbye Cruel World’ has a Rockabilly feel to it with the tempo and composition, while the next track, ‘Runnin’ Down the Devil’s Road’ has the feel of an old Country tune.

‘Candle In My Heart’ is a lovely ballad, and shows more diversity in the song styles that Richie is capable of pulling off. Personally, ‘Space Boogie Woogie’ was my favorite track on the CD.  On it elements of the 70’s Rock sound meet with classic Boogie Woogie, and just make the song a lot of fun to listen to.

While on first listen it may seem a little simple, the thing to keep in mind is that when an artist gives you a CD that isn’t full of effects you get to appreciate the talent. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from screaming guitars and lyrics that are full of anger. Richie gives an album that is intelligent and well produced, allowing you to appreciate the obvious talent throughout.


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