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Albion and Onori – Live Streaming Video At NAMM 2012

Live Video Broadcast! Onori and Albion are ready to rock Booth 2992 today. It’s Saturday – the biggest day at NAMM! This is when everybodycomes out to play and you can run into more famous (and infamous) musicians than you can shake a stick at (or a string.) If you are a people-watcher, Saturday at NAMM is the place to be! Never a dull moment.

President of Onori Entertainment Richie Onori and Albion demonstrator Kimberly Allison

Richie Onori and Kimberly Allison

Today, Albion and Onori will be trying something new – we’ll be streaming live video of our Albion demonstrations, starting at 2pm this afternoon.

We are going to be broadcasting live to Ustream, so if you want to watch our demonstrators, click on this link during our showtimes:

Steve Postell and friends: 2:00-2:30pm

Phil Woodward: 3:30-4:30pm

Click on this link to watch our demonstrators LIVE:

Note: this is playing LIVE, so if you click on the link while no one is playing, you will not see/hear the show.


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