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Albion and Onori Making Some Noise at NAMM

Day Two of Winter NAMM 2012 – the weather is wonderful – wish you were here!

So far it’s been a big success – the buzz about Albion Amps continues to grow. Everyone who plays one is raving about it. Our demonstrators are showing the Albion line off to perfection, and even president and chief designer at Albion Steve Grindrod is lending a hand on the strings and personally demonstrating his amps – including the prototype for his newest amps coming out this summer – the Gulfstream. Steve Grindrod Plays Albion

The range is comprised of 6 brand new products covering the 15 & 30 watt market area, and it’s getting a great response so far!

Steve Grindrod shows Steve Postell the Gulfstream 15

Steve Grindrod showing the new Gulfstream 15 prototype to Albion artist Steve Postell.


ASteve Grindrod and Richie Onori - Rockin' Presidents!nd of course Richie is doing some  playing himself!

The Team!






The Team – Richie, Steve, Francesca Capasso and Dave Jenkins

The Scorch Sisters for Team Onori/Albion



The Scorch Sisters for Team Onori/Albion! Alicia Morgan on computers, Francesca Capasso on sales, and Kimberly Allison on amp demonstrations.


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