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Richie Onori’s “Moment of Truth”

Richie is on the cover of All Access Magazine

Richie Onori is featured on the cover of November's All Access Magazine

Wow! Richie is featured on the cover of All Access Magazine! Check out the fantastic article: Richie Onori’s “Moment of Truth”. Many thanks to Debra Stocker and Doug Deutsch.


Listen to this playlist: Richie Onori All Access

Richie Onori Completes Full-Length Concept CD

Richie Onori, a well-known, world class drummer, has devoted this last decade to extending his abilities by preparing himself as a vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

Onori knew he had found his calling when he started to write songs which communicated his beliefs about societal issues that were not being addressed by other artists. He believes music is a vehicle that can be used to communicate truth and awareness, as well as to promote change, which has been the case for many influential artists in our most recent history.

He has recently completed his first full-length concept CD, which evokes messages and visions that he believes are important to communicate.